• LandTech surveys lakefront property for auction

LandTech recently completed a survey and division of two large parcels on Norris Lake in Sharp’s Chapel, Union County, Tennessee for East Tennessee Realty & Auction Co., which included location of the 1020 and 1044 countours and subdividing the property into eight large tracts. If you are interested in attending the auction, you may learn more by clicking on the link below.


FEMA LOMAs Can Now Be Filed Online

FEMA administers the National Flood Insurance Program, and as part of that task, prepares Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) showing the location of areas prone to flooding. Flood insurance for properties shown on a FIRM as being in a special flood hazard zone will be more costly. Not many people know that there is a procedure for amending a FIRM if it incorrectly shows a property in a special flood hazard zone. The processs of filing a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) may have just gotten easier, as FEMA now allows the request to be filed online.


Proposed wireless network threatens GPS

LightSquared, a startup wireless provider, has proposed a terrestrial-based wireless network using a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum previously reserved for satellite transmissions, and has petitioned the FCC for permission to do so. Because the portion of the EM spectrum licensed to LightSquared is directly adjacent to the portion used by GPS signals, LightSquared’s high-powered terrestrial antennas will likely “drown out” the relatively weak GPS satellite signals, seriously degrading the quality and effectiveness of GPS devices in the United States. If the FCC grants LightSquared’s petition and the network is implemented, it has the potential for severe adverse effects on the navigational ability of consumer, busines and military GPS devices. Please read the article linked below.


LandTech provides serveying services for auction in Sharp’s Chapel, Tennessee

LandTech recently completed a survey and division of a thirty-six acre parcel in beautiful Sharp’s Chapel, Tennessee for East Tennessee Realty & Auction Co. Facing a tight deadline, LandTech divided the property into two equal tracts and completed the survey in time for the client to market the property for auction on July 16, 2011. If you are interested in attending the auction, you may learn more by clicking on the headline above or by clicking here.

Tennessee cuts jobs in the State Local Planning Assistance Office

Governor Haslam’s administration has implemented staff cuts in the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. The Local Planning Assistance Office will experience the brunt of these cuts. The LPAO was responsible for providing planning staff for small counties, cities, and towns that lack the resources to maintain their own planning staff. To cope with this change, perhaps many of these small planning bodies will decide to consolidate and share resources. The potential upside for development is that the jurisdictional boundaries between some planning bodies may be abolished, making the the planning process in such areas more uniform and streamlined.


Welcome to LandTech’s New Blog!

Welcome to the LandTech’s Blog! It is intended to be a place for us to post our thoughts, happenings, interesting pictures and descriptions of our surveying and engineering projects , as well a way for our clients and others interested in the land development, civil engineering and land surveying businesses.

It won’t all be strictly business, though. We will post about interesting news, events, sports and other cultural aspects about Knoxville, surrounding East Tennessee, and our beloved almae matres, the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers!

Also, feel free to ask any questions you have about the subjects described above. We will do our best to give informative (or at least amusing) responses!