Land Surveying

LandTech provides a full range of commercial, industrial, and residential surveying services for contractors, architects, business owners, investors, banks, real estate professionals and homeowners. The list below describes some of the types of surveys we routinely provide to our clients.

Topographic Surveys

Prior to planning any development project, it is important to determine the “lay of the land.” LandTech can provide you with a topographic survey which will determine the contours, elevations, and all significant natural and man-made surface features of the property. Once the fieldwork is complete, we will present the results of the survey to you as a topographic map of the property in digital and/or hardcopy form.

Construction Surveying

LandTech provides construction staking services to contractors, landowners, engineers, architects and developers. Our staff has years of experience in providing the surveying services contractors need to locate and build roads, utilities, subdivisons, individual residences, large and small commercial sites, large footprint and multi-story buildings. We have done settlement monitoring, as-built and anchor bolt surveys in support for commercial and industrial construction and upfit/maintenance projects.Regardless of the size of your construction project, whether it is a backyard pool, a house, commercial building, road, or a large scale grading project, we have the knowledge and equipment to meet your needs.

ALTA Surveys

Projects involving highly valuable commercial property often have specific needs that differ from residential boundary surveys. Commercial projects may be required to obtain title insurance without exceptions for matters which would be revealed by a survey. These projects typically require an ALTA survey done to the exacting standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA), which are substantially greater than the state surveying standards applicable to other types of surveys. Like mortgage surveys, ALTA surveys are usually requested in situations with strict deadlines. LandTech understands the need for fast, accurate ALTA surveys, and we are here to provide them to you.

Subdivision Planning & Design

Whether you are adjusting or changing an existing lot line, dividing one parcel into two, combining two lots, or are developing a tract into a multi-lot subdivision, LandTech can help you through the planning, design and approval process. Our subdivision planning and design services include boundary location of the parcel, lot size and location planning, roadway, utility and erosion control design, addressing zoning concerns, plat preparation, monumentation of lot corners, lot and infrastructure layout, and guiding you through the approval process in Knoxville and other localities.

Boundary and Lot Surveys

LandTech offers boundary surveying services for all types of property, including urban and suburban lot surveys, farmland, and mountain land. We will locate all of your existing property corners, set new markers for any missing, lost or destroyed corners, and provide you with a detailed plat of your property.

FEMA Elevation Certificates and Letters of Map Change (LOMC)

LandTech can determine if your property lies in a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), and if so, whether any structures on your property are below the flood level. Once we make a determination, we can provide you with a completed Elevation Certificate certifying the elevation of your house or commercial structure, which can help you obtain the best rate on flood insurance for your buildings. In some instances, the structure on your property may have been incorrectly included in a flood zone on a FEMA FIRM map. If so, LandTech can help you obtain a LOMC, which is an official statement from FEMA that that the structure does not lie in a SFHA.

Oil & Gas Surveys

LandTech serves the oil and natural gas industries by providing location surveys for oil and gas wells and assistance with the permitting process required for well drilling operations. Oil and gas well surveys are required when developing new well locations or for mapping existing oil and gas well locations. LandTech also provides boundary surveys for oil and gas leases, easements, and property boundaries in connection with the needs of the petroleum exploration and extraction process. LandTech Engineering & Surveying’s oil and gas surveys will help you meet the requirements established by the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) to file an Application for Permit to Drill (Form CN-0211). In addition to performing the required oil or gas well location survey for the permit application, if you need additional assistance, LandTech can help guide you through the process of obtaining a drilling permit.

Geodetic Control Surveying

Geodetic control surveys are performed with a high-level of precision, and the monuments and benchmarks established through such surveys are used for further precise measurement of mapping and engineering projects. LandTech can provide geodetic control to our clients through the use of various methods and equipment, including digital differential leveling, total station traversing, and GPS methods such as real-time kinematic (RTK), static, fast static, and OPUS.

As-built and Monitoring Surveys

LandTech provides as-built surveys to document the location of recently constructed features for the purposes of compliance with design plans and development certification. Monitoring surveys are provided to document the movement of constructed structures over time.

Line and Corner Marking

If you are building a house or other structure on your property, installing a fence, logging your property, or just want to know the limits of your land, LandTech can show you. We can set stakes on the line or lines in question at regular intervals, or in the case of rural or mountain land, flag and mark trees on or near the property lines. Once complete, we will meet with you to show and explain the property line markings we place.

Easement/Right-of-Way Location

Access to property is just as important as the property boundaries. LandTech can locate and plat new or existing access easements to private property which lacks direct access to a public street or road. We also survey rights-of-way for public roads such as county roads, city streets and state highways, as well as utility easements and rights-of-way.

Mortgage Surveys

The purchase of real estate is usually is financed through a loan, and the lender and/or buyer may require a mortgage survey. LandTech provides the same level of service for a mortgage survey as it does for a boundary survey, with special attention paid to observing the requirements and deadlines needed to help the loan closing process proceed smoothly. By having LandTech perform your mortgage survey, you can be assured that LandTech will work to meet your specific deadline while still delivering the attention to detail found in all of our work.

Expert Testimony for Litigation

Boundary line issues can often be contentious, and sometimes lead to boundary disputes which must be decided in court. A LandTech survey always represents the professional opinion of a registered land surveyor. When called upon to survey property lines in dispute, we are ready to consult with you, your attorney, and if necessary, to serve as an expert witness on surveying matters in deposition and at trial.